Our Mission

Level Energy is a certified distributor for Kilowatt Labs products, including Sirius Energy Storage and Centauri Energy Servers.

Kilowatt Labs’ supercapacitor energy storage solutions offer BENEFITS for both mobile and stationary applications:

Lower Energy Costs

Excellent total cost of ownership based on long cell life, low charging losses, fast charging time, 100% useable capacity, 99% cycle efficiency, no degradation of cell capacity, and no cooling requirement.

Power Reliability

Rugged and low maintenance. Provides both power and energy when you need it. Monitoring service available.


No hazardous chemicals, no off-gassing, no risk of thermal run-away. Level Energy offers end of life recycling.

Workplace Safety

Chemical free, lower battery weight (vs lead acid), and maintenance free. Safely locate in congested areas.

Our Story

The present and
the future of energy

About Us

Level Energy is a Phoenix AZ headquartered distributor of Kilowatt Labs energy storage and energy server products designed with the intention of making reliable energy accessible anywhere.


Mark Doerflein


Steve Murphy


We offer recycling for all energy storage devices sold by Level Energy

Level Energy offers its customers end-of-life recycling of all Kilowatt Labs energy storage devices sold by Level Energy. We believe that “Providing Innovative Energy Storage Solutions” requires a commitment to responsible product life cycle and end-of-life management.