Centauri Energy Servers


The singular solution
for power management

Centauri Energy Server can be deployed in any location, to service any kind of load profile (from kW to MW), with or without grid access or generator availability. The Centauri Energy Server is a fully integrated power electronics and software platform that requires no additional hardware or software to function. While the Centauri Energy Server can operate as a stand-alone device, it can communicate with external hardware and software if needed.

The Centauri Energy Server replaces integrated systems comprised of multiple components (PV inverter + charge controller + battery inverter + communication software and hardware + safety devices etc.) in all use-cases. The Centauri Energy Server can be deployed, with energy storage, in:


Commercial and industrial

University campuses

Mission critical facilities

Military bases


Agricultural farms

Oil and gas infrastructure

Island states

Prefabricated housing

Displaced persons’ camps

Disaster relief

Data centers

Centauri Energy Servers
Key Attributes

Handles torque loads allowing start-up of motors, compressors, and all forms of inductive loads with surge currents, without oversizing the system

Accepts 5x – 6x renewable input without oversizing the system

Handles renewable intermittency by switching seamlessly between renewable generation and storage

Plug-and-play connectivity to storage (does not require additional battery inverter for Sirius Energy Storage, Lead Acid or Li Ion)

Directly supplies the load from renewable generation during generation hours (does not route through the battery)

Charges storage during generation hours (concurrently as it supplies the load)

Plug-and-play connectivity to multiple DC or AC generation inputs

Seamless switching between multiple input sources without destabilizing the load

Energy blending capability for multiple input sources

Actively corrects power factor losses to 1 on the circuit caused by inductive and capacitive loads

Filters harmonics caused by the load

Modular and scalable

Auto genset start/stop/control when genset is connected

Is configurable to work in islanded or non-islanded modes. In non-islanded mode, is bi-directional.

Includes flexible protocols to communicate with and respond to signals from the grid

Includes built-in safeties, data logging, monitoring, and control features


Centauri Advantage
Over Legacy Systems

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