Sirius Energy Storage

Sirius Energy

The world’s first supercapacitor-based energy storage system

Sirius Energy Storage products for stationary applications are currently available in selected markets. This modular and scalable system provides a technically and commercially viable, plug-and-play replacement for chemical batteries. Applications include:

Cell Tower

Solar + Storage

Genset + Storage


Solar Street Lights

Wifi Poles

Security Camera Poles

Sirius Energy Storage
Key Attributes

Actively balanced and stable operation at all commercial voltages

Flat discharge curve (module discharge rate is determined by the load)

2% per month self-discharge when idle and in sleep mode

Cell level energy density of 70-80Wh/kg

Supercap cell cycle life and capacity unaffected by high rate of charge or discharge

Supercap cell projected calendar life of 45 years and cycle life of 1,000,000 cycles

High charge / discharge capability

Wide operating temperature range of supercap cells

No degradation of capacity and efficiency over cycle life

Works with standard inverters/rectifiers/regulators used with Lead Acid or Li Ion batteries

Non-toxic, with no risk of thermal runaway

Form factor similar to chemical batteries


Sirius Energy Storage Advantage
Over Chemical Batteries

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1Performance may vary at different temperatures and at different C-rates.

2Max. rate of charge and discharge is provided for a standard Sirius module. This rate may vary at different temperatures and for different Sirius modules.

3Rapid charge of storage for EV’s.


4Rapid charge at 120C is not possible with chemical batteries.

5On useable capacity basis.

6Publicly available information. Manufacturer data may vary.

7Supercap cell level.

Kilowatt Labs’ Sirius Energy Storage
is enabling a meaningful transition away from fossil fuels.

Kilowatt Labs

Level Energy Offers the following
Sirius Energy Stationary Storage Products

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*Alarm activated when a safety event occurs and must be rectified by the user. Deployed so that inverter/rectifier/regulator controls operating parameters of the module.

**Module has internal safety functionality that automatically shuts down the module in the case of safety event and failure of inverter/rectifier/regulator.

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